At Carlton Central Junior School, we believe that Physical Education plays a vital part in the physical development of the whole child, regard it of equal importance to, and is complementary to other subjects.  We believe that a high quality physical education will inspire children to succeed and excel in competitive sport, will increase a sense of physical confidence in a way that supports health and fitness and will nurture values such as fairness and respect.  Ultimately, we want children to be physically active for sustained periods of time and lead healthy, active lives.



We aim to deliver regular high quality Physical Education lessons, opportunities to experience new and different activities, develop particular physical and mental skills and the chance to take part in a range of sporting events.  We aim to deliver a Physical Education curriculum enhancing:

  • Physical skills (agility, control and coordination)
  • Physical development (increase strength, flexibility and endurance)
  • Personal, mental and social skills (co-operation, self-confidence, initiative and leadership)
  • Wider learning skills (listening, observing, collaboration, communication, and decision making)
  • Artistic aspects of human movement
  • Competitive spirit and the desire to improve personal results

As well as in class PE lessons, children have the opportunities for a wide range of after school sports clubs, such as football, street dance and archery.  We have a school cross country team who take part in many inter-school competitions and have done fantastically well in every race they ran.  Many of our children take part in sports and physical activities outside of school and their achievements are celebrated in school time.  Several of our children excel at gymnastics and dance and have won competitions individually and as part of a group.  Two children have represented the Midlands at BMX riding and a group of three children have taken part in regional trampolining competitions!

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