We love Reading at Carlton Central Junior School! We believe that having excellent Reading skills is the key to a bright and happy future. Learning to read is an adventure that takes children to new and exciting places, helping them to understand the world. We endeavour to work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure that every child is a competent reader who understands and loves books.


Each child is given a book by school to take home to enjoy reading with a parent/carer. The book will have a colour sticker to indicate the level and appropriate challenge. Please read everything and anything else you like to at home. Please read little and often and sign the organiser, giving comments about how your child is doing with Reading at home.

We reward children who read at home with a chance to enjoy a Forest School session making pancakes and having fun outside. We also have a weekly reading raffle and award certificates and book tokens to pupils who make improvements and extra effort at home with Reading.

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