Year 3/4

Mr Patchett


Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mr Patchett is in a rock band called, ‘The Hand Me Downs’.
  • Mr Patchett is a non-meat eater; his favourite dish is a jacket potato with beans and cheese!
  • Mr Patchett has three wonderful children called: Arabella, Emmy and Bodhi.


Mr Schofield


Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mr Schofield loves to travel and has visited America twice, Canada and Thailand.
  • Mr Schofield likes to play football and plays for the same team as Mr Huskinson.
  • Mr Schofield loves to play on the PlayStation and is brilliant at FIFA!

Miss Daly


Three Interesting Facts:

  • Miss Daly loves cats and has two at home, they are called Coco and Oliver (Oliver is 22)!
  • Miss Daly is an avid Harry Potter fan and has been to Harry Potter World twice!
  • Miss Daly is engaged and is due to be married in 2018.

Mrs Mallon

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mrs Mallon has a daughter called Aria who is a walking chatterbox.
  • Mrs Mallon has a Border Collie called Molly.
  • In her spare time, Mrs Mallon enjoys eating at top notch restaurants and especially eating copious amounts of cake.

Mr Harding

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mr Harding plays rugby for Nottingham Casuals in Beeston.
  • Mr Harding has three wonderful children called: Dylan, Marley and Bryce.
  • Mr Harding plays the guitar.

Mrs Phillips

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Mrs Phillips is a Geordie from Newcastle so she supports Newcastle United!
  • On her holidays, she often jets off in her caravan to the seaside.
  • Freddie is Mrs Phillip’s tortoise who lives in Newcastle.


Miss Milligan

Three Interesting Facts:

  • Miss Milligan swims for Nottingham Leander Swim Team.
  • Miss Milligan has worked at Tripp Lake Camp in America for two summer seasons.
  • Miss Milligan has a Cocker Spaniel called Max.

Rock On Through The Ages

On 9th January the children journeyed back in time for our ‘Stone Age Day’.

The day involved everyone dressing up as a cave man/woman and taking part

in educational activities such as cave painting and rune breaking. Back to the present day

and each class has started  our book ‘The Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. Later in the term we will follow this with

the classic ‘Stig of the Dump’, by Clive King. Children will produce several types of writing including: diaries, explanations, letters, mystery stories and non-chronological reports.

In this topic the children will start off learning about late Neolithic (Stone Age) hunter-gatherers and early farmers. They will also learn about early religions, technology and even Stone Age travel. Moving on to the Bronze Age, the children will learn about the early Celtic tribal kingdoms and all that was involved in their culture.

In Science lessons children will learn how different types of rock are created and will be able to identify the different features of rocks. They will also learn how different rocks can be useful depending on their specific properties. The children will then learn how soil is created and will engage in scientific investigations into separating out the different components of soil.

In Art are starting off by researching Stone Age cave paintings and learning how to re-create the ancient techniques using charcoal. Then the children will design and make their own scale models of a typical Stone Age statue. They will learn how to use clay to create their sculptures and also how to select the appropriate sculpting tools for the job.

We are going to Conkers in Leicestershire to take part in a Stone Age Theme Day on March 22nd. The day will include exciting workshops where the children will learn how Stone Age hunter gatherers lived.

Y3&4 Curriculum letter Spring 2017



Our First Topic – Adventures in Space

We are blasting off with this topic in style! On Wednesday 14th September an inflatable planetarium is arriving at school. This will provide the children with an exciting learning experience and will quite literally be ‘out of this world’.

Back in the classroom, the children will embark on a journey of creative learning, gaining knowledge of: night and day, the solar system, seasons and associated planetary orbits.

All of our English work will be based on the award winning book ‘ Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob)’ by Simon Bartram.

During D&T lessons, the children will learn how to use simple hydraulic systems when designing and creating their own moving space monsters. They will also research and re-create the distinctive painting style of Van Gogh when producing their own paintings of the night sky.

In December the topic will be drawing to a close… so to bring the children’s learning to a memorable climax, we are visiting the National Space Centre in Leicester.

space centre

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