Year 5/6

Meet the team! Here is the new Year 5/6 team for the year. Here are a few facts about each member of our team:


Miss Walford-Chestnut

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite subject: Art, as she loves drawing and Maths, as she loves a challenge.

Favourite book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Best holiday: Thailand, as she was able to ride on an elephant and stroke a tiger.

Interesting fact: She loves to bake cupcakes and makes cards in her spare time.


Miss Nolan- Cherry

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite subject: Art, P.E. and English

Favourite book: Pigeon English

Best holiday: Vietnam

Interesting fact: She’s done a bungee jump.


Mrs Charlesworth- Pear

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite subject: English

Favourite book: War Horse

Best holiday: Paris

Interesting fact: She has swam in a lake with snakes.


Mrs Howard- Pear

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite subject: History

Favourite book: Redeeming Love

Best holiday: Thailand

Interesting fact: She has jumped out of a plane twice!


Miss Wright- Willow

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite subject: English because she loves reading and writing.

Favourite book: The Raging Quiet.

Best holiday: Rome

Interesting fact: She’d fed a tiger and swam with a shark.

Welcome to the Summer term! This term our focus is ‘Wild Things’. This is based on the environment, specifically wild weather and wild animals. We will be focusing on habitats that surround school, the adaptations of specific animals and the life cycles of different classes of vertebrates and invertebrates. Also we will be looking at the different natural hazards that occur  and how these occur including tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes.

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