Year 5/6 – Saved

Our topics for the year

Look at the tabs below to find out what we’re learning about in Year 5 & 6…

Our Topics for the Year

The Age of Great Change


In the Autumn Term, we are learning about the Victorians through our topic ‘The Age of Great Change’. We are learning about Queen
Victoria, amazing Victorian inventions and the Industrial Revolution.

We have already taken part in a Victorian day, where we wrote with quills, learned about Victorian punishments, chanted our times tables
and took part in a Victorian PE lesson.


We can’t wait for exciting educational visit to Newstead Abbey at Christmas time!!


This Spring term we are learning all about the Wonderful World around us.

Through this topic we are focusing on the geographical aspects of the world. We are looking at continents, oceans, biomes and the lines of latitude and longitude which make up Earth.

We will also have an exciting trip to Frankie and Benny’s later on in the term where we will learn to make pizzas and mocktails using fresh ingredients.

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